Diagnostics Reports

The category includes research reports, industry analysis and forecasts for the Diagnostics industry. The reports, or sections of reports that, cover biomarker tests, clinical diagnostics, personalized medicine, molecular diagnostics, point of care tests.

Report Titles


Personalized Medicine: Companies, Trends and World Market

Published: Apr-2012

This broad, high-level report analyzes the expanding Personalized Medicine market. This world market includes important core medical product areas that will continue to have a powerful impact on current and future healthcare delivery. This business report examines key market segments such as…   more...


Next Generation Sequencing: Opportunities, Trends and World Market

Published: May-2011  

This report is about the fast-growing worldwide market for next-generation sequencing (NGS) tools and services. NGS systems makers are effectively driving down the cost of sequencing a human genome. Once the cost of full genome sequencing drops to $xxxx or less, scientists will be able to sequence…  more...


Epigenetics: Tools, Diagnostics, Drugs and World Market

Published: Aug-2010  

This broad and high-level report examines the emerging epigenetics market. This world market includes important biomedical product areas that will have a powerful impact on healthcare delivery and personalized medicine. This business report analyzes key market segments such life science research…  more...


Biomarkers, Tests and Trends for Drug R&D

Published: Feb-2010  

This report is about the world market for biomarkers and tests used for drug R&D. The study reviews and analyzes the market by examining biomarker related drug R&D spending, trends, major diseases, applications, M&As, alliances, tools & technologies, products and R&D services. This report provides…  more...


Biochips for Life Science Research, Diagnostics and Drug R&D

Published: Aug-2009  

This research report is about the worldwide biochip tools, technologies and services market. Biochips are also known as DNA microarrays, bioarrays, protein arrays, lab-on-a-chip, labchips, liquid arrays or multiplex arrays. These key mainstream life science research products and services involve…  more...


Commercializing Molecular Diagnostics: Products,Services,Companies and Global Market

Published: Jul-2008  

This report is about the molecular diagnostics market, including systems, consumables and clinical lab services. These key medical products and services use technologies that can detect single or multiple genomic, protein, metabolomic or other ‘-omic’ biomarkers. The detailed study…  more...


Biomarkers and Tests for Pharma/ Biotech R&D - Companies Products and WW Market, 2006-2011

Published: Jun-2007  

This report focuses on the market for biomarkers and tests used in pharma/ biotech drug R&D. The study reviews the market by looking at key alliances, pharma/ biotech research and development spending, trends, major diseases, applications and technologies. The research analyzed the future…  more...


Biomarkers and Related Tests for Molecular Diagnostics and Pharma/ Biotech R&D -- Companies, Products and WW Market, 2004-2009

Published: Jul-2005  

One of the big ideas that emerged since the completion of the human genome project involves new biomarkers and tests used for tailoring new drugs that match an individual’s genetic makeup. This report is about the market for genomic, metabolomic and protein biomarkers and the related tests….  more...


Medical Biosensor Applications and Market to 2008 - Diabetes Management, Point-of-Care and Related Applications

Published: May-2005  

This insightful report discusses the global market for medical biosensors and offers readers interesting information and analysis about key developments driving this market. The study details how medical biosensors are utilized in key medical applications. These applications include home blood … more...


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