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Personalized Medicine: Companies, Trends and World Market

Published: Apr-2012

This broad, high-level report analyzes the expanding Personalized Medicine market. This world market includes important core medical product areas that will continue to have a powerful impact on current and future healthcare delivery. This business report examines key market segments such as…   more...


Next Generation Sequencing: Opportunities, Trends and World Market

Published: May-2011  

This report is about the fast-growing worldwide market for next-generation sequencing (NGS) tools and services. NGS systems makers are effectively driving down the cost of sequencing a human genome. Once the cost of full genome sequencing drops to $xxxx or less, scientists will be able to sequence…  more...


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Epigenetics: Tools, Diagnostics, Drugs and World Market

Published: Aug-2010  

This broad and high-level report examines the emerging epigenetics market. This world market includes important biomedical product areas that will have a powerful impact on healthcare delivery and personalized medicine. This business report analyzes key market segments such life science research…  more...


Biomarkers, Tests and Trends for Drug R&D

Published: Feb-2010  

This report is about the world market for biomarkers and tests used for drug R&D. The study reviews and analyzes the market by examining biomarker related drug R&D spending, trends, major diseases, applications, M&As, alliances, tools & technologies, products and R&D services. This report provides…  more...


Biochips for Life Science Research, Diagnostics and Drug R&D

Published: Aug-2009  

This research report is about the worldwide biochip tools, technologies and services market. Biochips are also known as DNA microarrays, bioarrays, protein arrays, lab-on-a-chip, labchips, liquid arrays or multiplex arrays. These key mainstream life science research products and services involve…  more...


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