Biochips for Life Science Research, Diagnostics and Drug R&D  

Published: August 2009

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This research report is about the worldwide biochip tools, technologies and services market.  Biochips are also known as DNA microarrays, bioarrays, protein arrays, lab-on-a-chip, labchips, liquid arrays or multiplex arrays. These key mainstream life science research products and services involve technologies that scientists use to detect and analyze genetic, protein, or related material such as DNA, RNA, proteins, antibodies, stem cells, tissues, biomarkers and so on. This study takes into account the impact of key economic factors influencing this industry including changing world events, pharmaceutical industry structural changes, government grant programs for life science research, changing healthcare laws and more.


This report discusses new biochip products reaching the market including DNA and RNA products such as high-density arrays, tiling, copy number variation, SNPs, alternate splice variant arrays, ChIP-Chip, CpG island, DNA methylation, microRNA, sequence-capture arrays for targeted resequencing, GWAS, array-based molecular diagnostics and related areas. The study reviews microfluidic biochips (labchips) such as for POC diagnostics through credit card-sized devices, for liquid chromatography, or for drug discovery optimization. This study also discusses commercial developments in protein biochips and SPR biosensors.


The study shows that biochip product and service vendors are navigating a challenging market. Takeda Pacificís report discusses the major areas of this dynamic market landscape. This report shows various views of this growing multi-billion dollar market. The report estimates that over its five-year forecast that the biochip product and services market would reach a high single-digit growth rate (CAGR). The report charts the developments of numerous companies involved in this rapidly changing and evolving industry.   


This broad study provides interesting data and includes more than 64 tables and figures. The tables include data about technologies, companies, future product roadmaps, and more. The report presents partnering deals and includes several years of alliance and M&A data. The report reviews twenty-four selected companies, with details including contact information, business and product overviews, alliances and patents or other details. This fully searchable PDF report helps busy readers save time. This report uses hyperlinks to help readers jump to Table of Content items or to text-linked Internet sites.


This must-have report would benefit people with job titles including CEO, VPs, Director of Business Development, Research Directors, Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, Investment Planners, Research Scientists, Consultants or Industry Analysts.



Table of Contents


1.Market Overview

   The Dynamic and Evolving Biochip Industry

     WW Biochip Market Size and Forecasts: Total and Key


     Biochip Market Trends

   Biochip Trends and Directions

     Technology Trends

     Next Generation Technology

     Product Innovations and Developments

     Company Activities in Array-based Diagnostics

2.Genetic Biochip Products & Services

   Genetic Biochip Products by Segments

   Strategic Alliances and M&As by Segments

   Products by Segments

   Biochip Supply Chain

   Patents by Product Segments

   Vendor Growth and Analysis by Product Segments

   Worldwide Genetic Biochip Market Size and Forecast to



     Revenue Review

   Market Shares of Major Commercial Vendors by Segments

   The Current Status and Future Outlook by Segments

     Price Trends

     Sales and Distribution Roadmap

     Healthcare Issues

     Next Generation Biochip Technology Roadmap

   Genetic Biochip Service Provider Roadmap

     Current & Future Service Providers

     WW Biochip Service Provider Market Size & Forecast

          to 2013

     Market Share of the Independent Service Providers

     Current and Future: Service Provider's Roadmap

3.Protein Biochips and Instruments

   Current Status by Product Segments

   Strategic Alliances by Product Segments

   Current & Future Products by Segments

   Protein Biochip Supply Chain

   Patents by the Product Segment

   Company Growth of Protein Biochip Vendors by Segment

   WW Protein Biochip Market Size and Forecast to 2013

   Market Shares of Leading Protein Biochip Vendors

   The Current Status and Future Outlook by Product


     Price Trends

     Sales and Distribution Roadmap

     Healthcare Issues

     Next Generation Technology Roadmap

4.Microfluidic Biochips and Instruments

   Leading Vendor Status by Revenues

   Strategic Alliances and M&As by Date

   Current & Future Microfluidic Biochip Products by


   Microfluidic Biochip Vendor Supply Chain

   Patents of Microfluidic Biochip Vendors by Segment

   Growth & Analysis of Microfluidic Biochip Vendors by


   Worldwide Market Size and Forecast to 2013

   Market Shares of Major Microfluidic Biochip Vendors by


   Current Status and Future Outlook by Product  Segments

     Product Price Trends

     Sales and Distribution Roadmap

     Healthcare Issues

     Next Generation Technology Roadmap

5.Activities of Selected Biochip Companies

   Affymetrix, Inc.

   Agilent Technologies, Inc., BAM

   Applied Microarrays, Inc.

   ArrayIt Corporation

   Biolog, Inc.

   BioMicro Systems, Inc.

   Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

   Caliper Life Sciences, Inc.

   CapitalBio Corporation

   CombiMatrix Corporation

   Eppendorf AG

   Expression Analysis, Inc.

   Fluidigm Corporation

   GenTel BioSciences, Inc.

   GWC Technologies, Inc.

   Illumina, Inc.

   Life Technologies, Inc.

   Ocimum Biosolutions, Inc.

   Oxford Gene Technology Ltd.

   SABiosciences Corporation

   SciGene Corporation

   Sequenom, Inc.

   Sigma-Aldrich Corporation

   Tecan Group AG

6.Findings and High Growth Areas

   Major Findings

     Impact of Major Economic Factors and Political


     High-Density Whole Genome Biochips

     Market Expansion and Transitions to New Areas

     Biochip-Based Diagnostics

     FDA's MAQC and Commercial Biochips

     Biochip Demand Shifting to Asia

     Biochip Standardization Efforts

     High-Throughput and Low to Mid- Multiplex Biochip


     Automated Microfluidic Biochip Systems

     Protein Biochips

     Drug Safety, Genetic Variation and Biochips

   Top Growth Opportunities for Biochip Products

   New Business Opportunities for Companies

     Molecular Diagnostics

     Consider Government/ Academic Customer Markets

     Consider Agricultural/Bio Markets

     Consider Other WW Regions for Cost Savings or New


     Target Marketing Efforts into Asia to Expand

          Business Opportunities

   Opportunities in Asia

     A Leading Customer and Resource Region

     The Ocimum Model to Grow Globally


   Company Contact Information by Categories

   About Takeda Pacific

   About the Authors   Company Contact Information by Categories

   About Takeda Pacific

   About the Authors


64 Tables and Figures


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