Drug Delivery Systems: US Market Outlook, Advances for Pharma, Biotech & Medical Devices

Published: September 2006

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This research study is about drug delivery systems.  It provides readers with relevant information, insights and analysis. This important medical opportunity is assessed in terms of technical and business areas. The participating companies are mapped to show where they fit in the industry landscape. This study reviews the kinds of drug delivery systems that are being used by pharma, biotech or medical device companies.


The report discusses the broad range of drug delivery systems, the technical advances and the applications that drug makers might use. Key advances include orally dissolving tablets and film strips, needle- and needle-free injection systems, transdermal patches, transmucosal delivery, RNAi, drug-coated stents, PEG, nanotechnology, liposomes, monoclonal antibodies, gene delivery, and implants, which all contribute to the many ways that drugs or therapies can be delivered. Drug delivery systems are reviewed in terms of approaches used for delivering drugs targeting major diseases including cardiovascular, cancer, asthma, diabetes, and the central nervous system among others.


This market study shows that drug delivery technologies can help drug makers overcome some of their big challenges. The drug industry continues to see the commercial demise of major branded drugs that reach their patent expiration date. Billions of dollars in revenues are lost to generic drug makers each year. The technology can be used as part of a ‘line extension’ strategy to extend the commercial life of their profitable products. Drug delivery can help ‘rescue’ drug projects with technical challenges by using a customized delivery system.


This report discusses the above topics with interesting and useful findings.  The study estimates that the US drug delivery market value might reach nearly $85 billion by 2010. The research includes over 235 key alliances and M&As through 2006. This study uses 29 figures and tables to illustrate the findings or trends. The profiles about companies important to the expanding drug delivery market include detailed information about their business and technical activities.


This report would benefit people with job titles including CEO, VPs, Director of Business Development, Research Directors, Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, Investment Planners, Research Scientists, Consultants or Industry Analysts.




Table of Contents



   About This Report


     Drug Delivery Systems: Some Definitions

     Drug Delivery Systems: What They Can Do

   Highlights of Pharma Issues Driving the Need for Drug


     Declining Pharmaceutical Industry Productivity

     Patent Expirations and Declining Branded Drug Sales

     Pharmas Use Patent Extension Strategies

   Many Pharmas Will Seek Partners for Drug Delivery

     New Crop of Drugs Will Reach the Market in Near


     Limited Pharma Resources: Its Difficult to Invent

          New Drugs

   Every Drug Needs a Drug Delivery System

   Key Motivators for Developing Drug Delivery Systems

     Business Considerations

     Genomics, Proteomics and Targeted Therapies

     Protein and Peptide Drugs

     Expanding Knowledge About Disease Mechanisms

   Commercial and Technical Challenges of Drug Delivery


     Market is Diverse and Dynamic

     An Expanding Industry

     Companies Migrating to Become Specialty or Generic


   Business Trends

     A Market Snapshot

     The Pharma Industry Wants Drug Delivery Systems

     Changing Business Models

2.Drug Delivery Technology Developments

   Delivery by Controlled Release Approaches

   Oral Drug Delivery

   New Formulations and Packaging

     Chewable Tablets

     Orally Disintegrating Tablets (ODTs)

     Orally Disintegrating Film Strips (ODFs)

     Enhancing Drug Bioavailability or Solubility

   Injection Drug Delivery

     Needle-free Injection

     Drug Delivery by Implantable Infusion Pump

     Intraosseous Injection

   Drug Delivery to Specific Organs

     Lung Drug Delivery

     Drug Delivery via the Nose

     Delivery to the Cardiovascular System

     Delivery to the Gastrointestinal Tract

     Delivery to the Urogenital Tract

     Drug Delivery into the Eye

   Drug Delivery by Transdermal Methods

   Drug Delivery to Mucosal Membranes

   Targeting Selected Disease Sites

     Drug Delivery by Polymers and Proteins

     Drug Delivery by Small Particles

         Monoclonal Antibodies

         Drug Delivery by Liposomes

         Drug Delivery by Heat-Activated Liposomes

         Drug Delivery by Microparticles

         Drug Delivery by Modified Blood Cells

         Drug Delivery by Nanoparticles

         Viral Vectors for Gene Delivery

         Non-Viral Vectors for Gene Delivery

3.Survey of Changing DDS Developments

   Inhalation System

   Polymer Development

   Protein Drug Delivery

   Therapeutic MAbs

   Developments in Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)



   Buccal Development

   Drug Delivery to the Eye

   Analyst Opinion: Next Generation Companies

4.Recent Strategic Alliances and M&As

   Alliance Analysis: Deals Through 2006

   Summaries of Drug Delivery Alliance Deals

5.Drug Delivery Systems Market Forecast

   The US Drug Delivery Market

     A Large Market

     New Innovations Help Drugs Work Better

     Demand for Less Invasive Drugs and Treatments

     Pharmaceutical Firms Can Differentiate Products

   The US Drug Delivery Market, 2005-2010E

     Market Segments Defined by Route of Administration

     Oral Delivery Segment

     Injectable Delivery Segment

     Injection Devices Delivery Segment

     Inhaled Delivery Segment

     Inhaler Devices Segment

     Transdermal Delivery Segment

     Implant Delivery Segment

     Transmucosal Delivery Segment

     Therapeutic Antibodies Segment

     Therapeutic & Cancer Vaccine Segment

     Targeted Therapy/Delivery Segment

     Other Delivery Segment

     Market Shares of the US Drug Delivery Market, 2005

          and 2010

   Market Map: DDS Companies by Technology Categories

6.Patent Litigation Examples

   University of Alabama v. Nektar Therapeutics

   IVAX, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., et al v.

   Eli Lilly

   Johnson & Johnson v. Boston Scientific

   Chiron Corporation v. Corus Pharma, Inc.

   Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp., et al v. Sun

   Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

   GlaxoSmithKline Plc v. Par Pharmaceutical Companies,

   Inc. (Kali Laboratories, Inc.)

   Santarus, Inc. v. TAP Pharmaceutical Products, Inc.

   Travanti Pharma Inc. v. IOMED

7.Drug Delivery With Nanotechnology


   Companies Using Nanotechnology for Drug Delivery

   Commercializing Nanotechnology

   Selected Nanotech R&D Companies

   Activities of Selected Drug Delivery Companies

   Abgenix, Inc. (Amgen)

   Alkermes, Inc.

   Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

   Antigenics, Inc.

   Aradigm Corporation

   Cima Laboratories (Cephalon)

   Elan Corporation

   Intradigm Corporation

   Medarex, Inc.

   NanoBio Corporation

   NanoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

   Nastech Pharmaceutical Company, Inc.

   Nektar Therapeutics

   Nexmed, Inc.

   Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

   Palatin Technologies, Inc.

   Raven Biotechnologies, Inc.

   Sanofi Pasteur SA (Vaccines)

   Sirna Therapeutics, Inc.

   Skyepharma PLC

   Sontra Medical Corporation

   Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.



   Appendix A: Top Drug Delivery Companies

   Appendix B: Drug Delivery Industry Websites

     Pharmaceutical Industry Sites

     Government Office Sites

     Industry News Sites

   Appendix C: Glossary of Terms

   About the Publisher and Authors

     About Takeda Pacific

     About the Authors



List of Tables


Table 1. Drug Delivery Systems Market in US, 2005-2010

Table 2. Survey Results: Emerging Drug Delivery


Table 3. Previous Survey Results: Top New DDS Technologies


Table 4. DDS Technology Review

Table 5. Strategic Alliance and M&A Analysis, 2004 through


Table 6. Alliances in 2006

Table 7. Alliances in 2005

Table 8. Alliances in 2004

Table 9. Drug Delivery Market in the US by Segments, 2005-


Table 10. US DDS Market Revenues by Share, 2005 and 2010E

Table 11. Competing DDS Companies by Technology Categories

Table 12. Examples of Drug Delivery Litigations

Table 13. Drug Delivery Companies Using Nanotechnology

Table 14. The Top Drug Delivery Companies by Total Revenues



List of Illustrations


Figure 1. Drug Delivery Systems Market in the US, 2005-2010

Figure 2. Controlled Release Drug Delivery System

Figure 3. The Oral Drug Delivery Route

Figure 4. Products Featuring Orally Disintegrating Film


Figure 5. Injection Drug Delivery by Needle Size

Figure 6. Implantable Insulin Delivery System

Figure 7. Inserting a Needle for Bone Marrow Infusion

Figure 8. Airway Delivery by Nektar

Figure 9. Close-up of Drug Delivery Mechanism to the Lung

Figure 10. Two Leading Drug-Coated Stents

Figure 11. Urogenital Drug Delivery For Men

Figure 12. Drug Delivery Mechanism for a Transdermal Patch

Figure 13. The DOT Matrix Patch by Noven

Figure 14. Drug Delivery Market in the US by Segments, 2005-


Figure 15. US DDS Market Revenues by Share, 2005 and 2010E

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