Medical Biosensor Applications and Market to 2008 -

Diabetes Management, Point-of-Care and Related Applications

Published: May 2005

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This insightful report discusses the global market for medical biosensors and offers readers interesting information and analysis about key developments driving this market.  The study details how medical biosensors are utilized in key medical applications. These applications include home blood glucose monitoring used for diabetes management and clinical biosensor applications including Point-of-Care-Testing devices, IV diagnostics and related applications.


The surge in obesity and the disturbing growth rate of diabetes in the developed world is driving a need for better diabetes management products. Glucose monitors will continue to play an important role in this field.  In hospitals, there is a continual need for medical biosensor based devices that are used for real-time Point-of-Care Testing or monitoring of blood gases, other vital signs, and related clinical applications.  The acute shortage of available livers, pancreatic cells and kidneys for transplant is driving the need for life sustaining artificial organs. Innovative medical biosensor devices are being developed to work as part of artificial organs such as artificial pancreas, liver or kidney. 


Many organizations are working in this field and are seeking new business opportunities. This report discusses the major areas of commercial and R&D activities at academic, private or public centers.  This study estimates that the market size for global medical biosensor-based products in 2004 reached about $7.1 billion and is growing at about 9.7% to 2008.  Company profiles and tables provide insights about products and trends. The study uses 25 figures and tables to provide the reader with key information


This report would benefit people with job titles including CEO, VPs, Director of Business Development, Research Directors, Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, Investment Planners, Research Scientists, Consultants or Industry Analysts. 



Table of Contents


1. Medical Biosensors and Applications

     The Medical Biosensor Industry Ecosystem

       Medical Biosensor Applications

       Competitive Market in Blood Glucose Monitoring

       Competitive Market in `Other' Medical Biosensors

2. Medical Biosensors Used For Diabetes Management

     Blood Glucose Monitors and Test Strips

     Increasing Diabetes Cases Drive Market Growth

     Converging Factors Blamed For Obesity Trend

3. Medical Biosensors Used For Clinical Applications

     In-Vitro Detection Tests - For Diagnostics

       Enzyme Biosensor


       Enzyme Immunosensor

     Point of Care Testing - For Continuous Monitoring

       Blood Gas Sensor, Measuring Gases in Hemoglobin

       Lactic Acid Sensor

4. Medical Biosensors Used in Artificial Organs

     Artificial Pancreas

       Diabetes and Obesity Epidemiology

       Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems

     Artificial Kidney

       Disease Epidemiology, Transplants and Hemodialysis

       Bio-Artificial Kidney R&D

     Artificial Livers

       Patients Outnumber Available Livers for Transplant

       R&D in Bio-Artificial Livers Suggests Promise

5. Medical Biosensor Market Forecast

6. Activities of Selected Medical Biosensor Companies

     `Glucose' Medical Biosensors

       Abbott Diabetes Care (unit of Abbott Labs)

       Bayer AG (Diabetes and Diagnostics Div.)

       Cygnus, Inc.

       Roche Diagnostics AG (Hoffman-La Roche Ltd.)

     `Other' Medical Biosensors

       ABTECH Scientific

         Bectin, Dickinson and Co. (BD Medical)

       Medtronic Minimed (Medtronic)

       vasamed (fmr. Optical Sensors Inc.)

7. Medical Biosensor R&D Activities at Academic Centers and


8. Future Outlook for Medical Biosensors

     Global Biosensor R&D Growth Trends

     Medical Biosensor Future Directions

       Medical Biosensor Outlook

9. Concluding Remarks

     Turning R&D Results into Products

     Blood Glucose Monitoring Was the Low Hanging Fruit


     Medical Biosensor Definition

     Inventor of the First Medical Biosensor


List of Tables



Table 1. Medical Biosensor Applications

Table 2. `Blood Glucose Monitor' Market Shares by Companies

Table 3. `Other Medical Biosensors' Market Shares by Companies

Table 4. Selected Glucose Management Products for Diabetes

Table 5. Selected Medical Biosensors for Clinical Applications

Table 6. Total WW Medical Biosensor Market to 2008

Table 7. WW Medical Biosensor Market by Segments to 2008

Table 8. WW Medical Biosensor Market by Region to 2008

Table 9. R&D Centers Working On `Glucose' Medical Biosensors

Table 10. R&D Centers Working On `Other' Medical Biosensors

Table 11. Summary of Medical Biosensor and Future Directions

Table 12. Potential Medical Biosensor Components


List of Illustrations



Figure 1. Medical Biosensor Industry Ecosystem

Figure 2. Blood Glucose Meters and Test Strips

Figure 3. The Cygnus Glucowatch G2 Biographer

Figure 4. Micro- or Nano Cantilevers for Medical Biosensor

Figure 5. The Bayer Rapidpoint 400 Series for Whole Blood Analysis

Figure 6. Blood Gas Sensor, Nellcor Pulse Oximeter

Figure 7. Medtronic MiniMed 2007 Implantable Insulin Pump

Figure 8. Total WW Medical Biosensor Market

Figure 9. WW Medical Biosensor Market by Segments to 2008

Figure 10. WW Medical Biosensor Market by Region to 2008

Figure 11. Biosensor R&D By New Patents (1984-2004)

Figure 12. Immunosensor Schematic

Figure 13. Generic Diagram of a Medical Biosensor


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