Life Science Tools and Technologies for Bio-Pharma  R&D -

Instruments, Tech Platforms, Informatics and  Market

Published: March 2003

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This market research report is about the important market for life science tools & techs that are used for accelerating the research processes and capabilities of biopharmaceutical R&D.  This key research information is valuable and offers readers a detailed overview of the size and shape of the life science tools and techs market and what the products can do to facilitate the advancement of pharmaceutical and biotech drug R&D programs.


Significant life science industry information is presented and reviewed. While pharmaceutical industry generated more than $255 billion in 2002, pharma companies are facing many important issues that could be helped by using new life science tools and technologies.  A broad range of industry data is analyzed and reveals that pharma companies have seen their R&D costs dramatically increase over the last twenty years, while their product productivity has declined.  In addition, many existing and profitable blockbuster drugs will reach patent expiration dates between 2005-2006. This situation will attract competition from generic or other branded drug makers.  It shows that there is a clear need driving the desire for more innovation.  


For buyers and sellers of life science tools and techs, this report shows that major pharma companies have increasingly become a source of significant strategic alliance opportunities for many of the companies that comprise the US biotechnology industry. Major pharma companies are motivated to become customers and partners of life science tools companies because the many "tools" companies offer technologies that enable them become more productive, reduce bottlenecks and deliver more marketable products, at less cost, and in a shorter time than in the current 10 to 15-year sequential drug development timeline. 


Industrialization of pharmaceutical and biotech R&D has begun.  These firms are using genomics and proteomics technologies, and other life science tools that can help these companies reach their drug product objectives. The report discusses some of the newest life science tools and tech advancements including nanobiotechnology, rolling circle amplification technology (RCAT), ICAT, RNAi, phage display, yeast 2 hybrid, PROfusion technology, surface plasmon resonance, biochips, protein arrays, separation technologies, 2D PAGE, HPLC, TOF/TOF, drug target discovery and validation tools among others.


This report has found that the life science tools & techs market size in 2002 was about $1.6 billion and is projected to more than double to about $3.5 billion by 2007, growing at a CAGR of 17.7%. While the economy is currently challenging this market, a pickup in growth is expected after 2004.  Readers will learn about key business opportunities and the lessons learned from the life science tools and techs companies. This 155-page study uses 34 figures and tables to illustrate the research findings. Participating companies are mapped against multiple technologies to show where they fit in the competitive landscape. Over 27 life science tools & tech companies are profiled, and the report provides insights about the "tools & techs" that these interesting companies offer, including their strategies, funding and so on. 



Table of Contents


1.Overview of the Life Science Tools & Technology Market

   The Competitive Marketplace

     Analytical Instrumentation Companies

     Genomics Companies

     Proteomics Companies

     Bioinformatics Software Companies

     BioDatabase Companies

     Drug Discovery Companies

     Emerging Tools & Technology Companies

     Reagent and Consumables Companies

   Overview of Life Science Tool & Tech Developments

     Gene Sequencing Systems

     Protein Separation Tools

     Mass Spectrometers (MS)

     Microarray and Microfluidic Analytical Technologies

     Emerging Technologies

     Informatics - IT for Life Science R&D

   Life Science Tool & Tech Applications for R&D

     Biopharmaceutical Drug Discovery

     R&D Diagnostic Tools

     Pharming Applications

2.Factors Driving Life Science Tools & Tech Developments

   The Opportunity to Make Multi-Billion Dollar Revenues

   The Pace of Pharmaceutical Mergers and Acquisitions

     Rapid Pace of Scientific Advancements

     Economics of Pharmaceutical R&D

   Drug Discovery R&D

     Creation of Post-Genomic Era R&D Databases

     Proteomics R&D Requires New Tools & Techs

3.Strategies for Life Science Tools & Techs for R&D

   Business Models and Intellectual Property

     Business Models

     Intellectual Property (IP)

   Commercializing Life Science Tools & Techs.

     Develop and Out-License Technology

     Produce and Sell Consumable Products for R&D

     Produce and Sell Equipment Platforms to R&D Customers

     Discover or Validate Drug Targets for Drug Discovery

   Strategic Goals

     Establish Customer Base with Large Pharmas or Biotechs

     Make Key Alliances or Partnerships

     Grow the Company to Reach Critical Mass

   Business Development Strategies

     Traditional Alliance Partnering

     Become a Technology Roll-up

     Merge with Another Biotech

4.Market Forecast

   Life Science Tools & Tech R&D Market Size by Segment, 2002~2007

5.Activities of Analytical Instrument Companies

   Affymetrix, Inc.

   Agilent Technologies, Inc. (Life Sciences)


   Ciphergen Biosystems, Inc.

6.Activities of Bioinformatics Companies

   Accelrys, Inc (Subsidiary of Pharmacopeia Inc.)

   Celera Genomics Corporation

   Gene Logic, Inc.

   Human Genome Sciences, Inc.

   Incyte Corporation

   InforMax, Inc. (Acq. by Invitrogen)

   Spotfire, Inc.

7.Activities of Drug Discovery Tools Companies

   AVIVA Biosciences

   Caliper Technologies Corporation

   Fluidigm Corporation

   GeneMachines, Inc.

   Nanogen, Inc.

8.Activities of Emerging Technology Companies


   Illumina, Inc.



   Xeotron Corporation

   Zyomyx, Inc.

9.Activities of Reagent & Consumables Companies

   ACLARA BioSciences, Inc.

   Genicon Sciences Corporation

   Invitrogen Corporation

   Molecular Staging, Inc.

   Phylos, Inc.

   Quantum Dot Corporation

10.Future Directions of Life Science Tools for R&D

   Future Directions

   Review of Recent Trends

     Recent Developments in Genomics That Impact Life Science Tools

   Indicators of Future Trends

     Financing Volatility

     Biotechnology Conferences

     University Labs at Work

     Bioinformatics Software.

     Bioinformatics Databases

     Emerging Protein Technology

     Nanobiotechnology Opportunities Emerging

11.Conclusions and New Opportunities

   Factors for Success or Failure

   Highlights of Hot Development Areas of Life Science Tools

   Life Science Tools & Tech Opportunities

     Industrial Scale Proteomics

     The Trend Towards Individualized Medicine


12.Appendix A. Tech Map of Industry Segments

     Target Identification Genomic Technologies

     Target Identification Protein Technologies

     Protein Chip

     Protein Databases

     Target Validation

     Drug Lead Screening

     Preclinical Development

     Phase I-III Clinical Development & Diagnostics

13.Appendix B. Technology Map Tables - Life Science Tools & Tech


14.Appendix C. Life Science Glossary


List of Tables


Table 1. Estimated Total Life Science Tools & Techs. Market Size

         by Segment Revenues      

Table 2. Total Life Science Tools & Tech Market Segments by

         Market Share Percent      

Table 3. Drug Discovery Tools Segment by Revenues       

Table 4. Bioinformatics Tools Segment by Revenues        

Table 5. Reagents and Consumables Segment by Revenues        

Table 6. Emerging Technologies Segment by Revenues   

Table 7. Future Directions of Life Science Tools & Techs for R&D  

Table 8. Major Drug Discovery Tools Companies  

Table 9. Major Bioinformatics Tools Companies   

Table 10. Major Life Science Reagent & Consumables Vendors    

Table 11. Major Emerging Technologies Companies         

Table 12. Major Drug Discovery Companies      


List of Figures


Figure 1. Life Science Tools & Techs Vendor Market        

Figure 2. The R&D Path to Make Drug Products  

Figure 3. Liquid Handling Systems         

Figure 4. Incyte's Protein Expression Analysis Software   

Figure 5. ScreenMate Products for HTS in Drug Lead R&D           

Figure 6. Rolling Circle Amplification Technology (RCAT)  

Figure 7. RNA Interference: Steps to Making siRNA         

Figure 8. The InforMax ProChart™ for Protein Visualization           

Figure 9. Computer Model using PhysioLab Technology   

Figure 10. Big Pharma and Big Biotech Drug R&D Timeline          

Figure 11. Using Parallel Processes to Increase Drug Discovery Productivity          

Figure 12. Estimated Total Life Science Tools & Techs Market Size by Revenues  

Figure 13. Estimated Total Life Science Tools & Tech Market Size

           by Segment Revenues, 2002-2007           

Figure 14. Comparison of Estimated Total Life Science Tools & Tech Market

           Size by Segment Revenues, 2002-2007   

Figure 15. Comparison of Segment Market Shares for the Life Science

           Tools & Tech Market, 2002 and 2007       

Figure 16. Drug Discovery Tools Segment by Revenues    

Figure 17. Bioinformatics Tools Segment by Revenues     

Figure 18. Reagents and Consumable Life Science Tools Segment by Revenues    

Figure 19. Emerging Technologies Segment by Revenues

Figure 20. Spotfire DecisionSite 

Figure 21. Accelrys GCG Wisconsin Package – SeqLab  

Figure 22. The Incyte/ Oxford Glycoscience Proteome Analysis Process   

Figure 23. Life Science Tools & Techs Opportunity Map   



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