The Emerging Bio-IT Market: The Convergence of IT and Biopharmaceutical R&D - In-Silico High  Performance Systems, Services, Opportunities and Market

Published: July 2002

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The combination of the bioscience industry with the information technology (IT) industry is emerging as an exciting industry segment that is being called bio-IT. Bioinformatics and biocomputing are other terms that sometimes mean the same thing as bio-IT. Companies involved in this interesting industry have made it possible for several genomics companies to sequence sections of the human genome as well as do work in proteomics. The bio-IT market is emerging at an important time when the bioscience companies need enormous computing power to make sense of the flood of data that is being generated in drug discovery R&D labs.  Ironically, this is also an important time for the IT industry, which is hungry for new customers in the slow economy.  This report seeks to review all the key elements of this interesting and important market.


For sellers of IT, this report is a call to action for IT vendors to join into the emerging bio-IT market because opportunities are plentiful.  This is unusual in a slow economy. Unlike other industries, the bioscience companies take a long term view of their business, have cash to spend on IT infrastructure, need much help from IT firms and are ready, willing and able to get started in expanding their IT infrastructures for their R&D operations. The report estimates that the bio-IT market will reach nearly $27.7 billion in 2005 with a CAGR of 31.7 percent.


Readers will learn that clusters of ordinary, yet powerful PCs running Windows or Linux can produce good computational results at a lower cost than was possible just a few years ago with big high performance computers. In-silico disease modeling is helping to predict potential drug outcomes. The web is being used to find much-needed clinical trails participants.


For potential customers, this report uses case studies of bio-IT deployments to provide a sense of what IT solutions bioscience companies require.  Profiles of bio-IT vendors highlight basic information about vendors that are offering key solutions in the emerging bio-IT market.  This report highlights what is driving the need for bio-IT infrastructure and why.  Readers will learn about key business opportunities and the lessons learned from the bio-IT experts.  This 138-page report uses more than 34 tables and figures to show the trends of this emerging field.



Table of Contents


1.The Bio-IT Market

   What the Bio-IT Market Represents

   The Impact of Life Science Facts

   Opportunity Roadmap for Bio-IT

   Market Participants

   Bioscience Systems Requirements

   Technologies for Bio-IT

     Computers and Networks

     Storage Systems

     Application Software


   Drug Making Business Entering a Critical Time

2.Market Forces

   Drivers of Bio-IT

     Drug Discovery R&D

     Scientific Development is Fast Moving

     Pharma R&D Can Afford Current Computer Power

     Pharma Companies Progressing To Next Bio-IT Steps

     High Computational Requirements for Proteomics R&D

     Other Developments

   Bio-IT Software

     Genomic Data and Databases

     Databases for Protein Data

     Making Sense of All the Data

3.Bio-IT Solutions and Pharma R&D

   Hardware Solutions

     Bioscience Network Storage Solution

     Big Pharma Genomics Computing Solution

     Massive Linux Compute Farm

     Government Institute Genomics Pattern Matching

   Services Solutions

     IT Services Build Massive Compute Solution

     Children's Hospital Genomic Database and Services

   Software Solutions

     Big Pharma In Silico Drug Discovery

     R&D Efficiency Gained with Analytical Solution

     Clinical Trial e-Business Patient Recruitment Solution

     Clinical Trial Management Solution for Drug Maker

4.The Bio-IT Market and Future Outlook

   The Bio-IT Market and Industry Segments

     IT Services





   Bio-IT Market Size by Segment, 2001~2005

   Bio-IT Total Market Size

   Forecast for Bio-IT R&D Market by Market Segments

     The Bio-IT "Services' Market Segment

     Bio-IT `Server' Market Segment Forecast

     Bio-IT `Storage' Market Segment Forecast

     Bio-IT `Software' Market Segment Forecast

     Bio-IT `BioContent' Market Segment Forecast

     Comparison of the Market Segment Forecasts

5.Bio-IT Future Trends

   Overview of Past Trends

     Genomics Developments That Impact on Bio-IT

     Computer System Advancements

   Future Directions

     IT Services





6.Key Findings and Opportunities

   Problems of Drug Discovery R&D and Bio-IT

     Difficulty of Converting Science Bottlenecks Into

          Computational Problems

     Becoming a Low Profit Commodity

   The Next Hot Areas of Bio-IT

     Need for Bigger and More Powerful Computers

     Clinical Trials, Bio-IT and e-Business

     Growing Interest in Personalized Medicine

   Big Opportunities Emerging

     Role in Drug Discovery

     Data Storage and Management

     Consulting and e-Services Growing Fast

     Better Software


     Bio-IT Vendors to Become Partners with Pharmas

     Increase Chances of Pharma Success with Bio-IT

7.Company Profiles of Bio-IT Suppliers

   BioContent Suppliers

     Celera Genomics Corporation

     Human Genome Sciences, Inc.

     Incyte Genomics, Inc.

     NuTec Sciences, Inc., Life Science Div.

   Application Software Suppliers

     Accelrys, Inc.

     Cellomics, Inc.

     InforMax, Inc.

     Spotfire, Inc.

   Hardware Systems Suppliers

     Compaq Computer Corporation

     IBM Corporation

     Paracel, Inc.

   Bio-IT Service Suppliers

     Blackstone Computing

     Entigen Corporation

     Linux NetworX, Inc.

   Systems Software Suppliers

     Red Hat Linux, Inc.

     Turbolinux, Inc.

8.Appendix 1 - Selected Suppliers

9.Appendix 2 - Bioscience Glossary


34 Tables and Figures


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