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Takeda Pacific (TP), is an industry analyst firm that is focused on publishing market research reports, providing custom research or providing  business development services. The business projects may involve companies from around the world such as Life Science or High Technology companies.  (TP has NO relation to Takeda Chemical Industries of Japan).



TP develops market research and assists
in finding
and potential
partners. TP facilitates alliances and technology transfer.

TP develops technology market research, competitive market analysis,  business strategy, and near term reviews of hot markets.


Since its founding in 1992, TP has reviewed or analyzed over 3,500 Life Science and Technology firms for its clients. For example, TP has developed an on-line database of contacts within US, European, and Japanese Life Science companies. TP actively corresponds with numerous US, European and Asian companies involved in biopharmaceutical, biomedical, bio-agricultural research & development and information technologies.

Hitachi Fujitsu NEC NTT Toshiba, Japan ISIS, Switzerland Oculex Pharmaceuticals, Palo Alto, CA Ernst & Young Genentech, S. San Francisco, CA  SeaAg, FL Genetic Engineering News and others.

TP utilizes its network of professional consultants, scientists, engineers, doctors, marketing experts, translators and international business specialists located in the US, Japan, China, Taiwan, Australia, Russia, Austria, Germany, and the UK to cost effectively facilitate its clients' projects.

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